Freezing or below freezing temperatures are common during the winter months in Roxboro, North Carolina. Keeping comfortable can be a challenge, and the occasional winter storm presents additional problems. To ensure your family’s safety and well-being, and to maintain a comfortable environment, your heater must perform efficiently at all times. Learn how you can optimize furnace performance no matter what Old Man Winter throws our way.

Add Insulation

Insulation plays an essential role in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. If your house doesn’t have enough insulation, you may feel drafts or notice hot and cold spots. You will have problems with heating efficiency if there is not enough of the material to prevent heat transfer. A professional will determine if your home’s thermal envelope is providing the protection you need where you need it most.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

You can optimize HVAC system performance with correct thermostat programming. Frequent adjustments to the thermostat reduce HVAC efficiency because you’re forcing the unit to cycle on and off more frequently. The US Department of Energy recommends waiting at least eight hours before adjusting the thermostat’s setting to avoid energy waste. By programming your thermostat based on the times you’re at home or away, you can enjoy more efficient HVAC operation without sacrificing home comfort.

Manage Humidity

Humidity is a problem in the area during the summer months when the amount of water vapor in the air rises. However, during winter, humidity decreases and can cause dry skin, nosebleeds, and respiratory problems. Low humidity can also affect furniture and flooring. As your furnace tries to compensate, it is likely to cycle on more frequently or stay on longer. The result will be higher heating bills. If low humidity is a problem in your home, invest in a humidifier to improve comfort and heater efficiency. A tuneup could also be just what the heating system needs.

If you’re struggling to stay warm, contact Regan & Son Heating & Air at 336-542-5188. We will make repairs or provide expert maintenance service to optimize furnace performance. Whatever brand or model heating system you own, we have the solutions you need.

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