3 Ways to Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds in Your Home

You might not realize it, but everyday household items like cleaning products, paint, new furniture, and carpet release harmful gases. These volatile organic compounds or VOCs can cause a variety of health problems ranging from headaches and eye irritation to more serious conditions like asthma and even cancer. It’s important, therefore, to limit your exposure to them. Eliminating VOCs entirely may be difficult, but you can take several measures to reduce their effect in your Hurdle Mills, North Carolina, home.

Try Natural or Organic Alternatives

Replace as many VOC-laden products as you can with healthier alternatives. If you need to paint, look for brands with low or no VOCs. Do the same with other construction or remodeling materials. Products approved by GREENGUARD, Scientific Certification Systems, or the SGS Group will fall into the low- or no-VOC category.

For cleaning, switch to natural brands like Seventh Generation, or make your own cleaning solutions with ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. Instead of chemical-laden air fresheners, try diffusing essential oils or homemade potpourri.

Give New Products Time to Air Out

If you must buy products that contain VOCs, give them time to air out. You will often notice a strong odor coming from many new products. Off-gassing — the process of releasing VOCs into the air — lessens over time. However, these products will release their chemicals in confined spaces with little or no ventilation. Open windows and doors as often as possible when you receive new furniture or flooring.

Purify the Air Inside Your Home

It is necessary to monitor indoor air quality to protect your household’s health. To help with any VOCs you haven’t been able to manage with the steps above:

  • Try portable air purifiers for individual rooms or install a whole-home air purifier.
  • Spider plants, bamboo palm, English ivy, and peace lilies are good air cleaners. Just remember that some plants are toxic to pets, so do your research first.
  • Remember to change your air filter regularly.

The experts at Regan & Son Heating & Air can test the air quality in your home and recommend effective products and services. Give us a call at 336-542-5188 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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