Let Our Indoor Comfort Specialists Improve the Air Quality of your Roxboro Home

Your indoor air quality plays a major role in your health and comfort. Our team at Regan & Son Heating & Air is committed to helping you breathe easy, no matter what you’re battling in the air. We can help you identify the invisible culprits that could have you feeling tired, itchy, nauseous or congested. If you’re struggling with uncomfortable symptoms that don’t seem to have a clear cause, your air quality may be to blame. Our knowledgeable service technicians will provide effective solutions for your indoor air issues.

Indoor Air Quality

Enhance Filtration for Cleaner Air

Your HVAC system has a standard filter that will stop some pollutants from circulating throughout your home. However, this type of filter isn’t adequate for high levels of pollutants or embedded AC allergen particles. If you find that your air still seems to harbor uncomfortable levels of pollutants, advanced filtration could help you solve this problem. We carry powerful air cleaners and air purifiers that will capture smaller particles than your average HVAC air filter.

Contact our NATE-certified technicians for indoor air quality testing. We’ll find out what’s plaguing your home and help you find the right whole-home installation or smaller device to stop those pollutants in their tracks.

Manage Humidity for Home and Health

The right humidity levels can make a big difference in your home comfort. If your humidity levels are too high, your home can become a breeding ground for unwanted growth of fungi and other organisms. A whole-house dehumidifier will help lower humidity to protect your indoor air.

If you’re struggling with the opposite problem and humidity levels in your home are too low, you may suffer from dry skin and eyes, cracked lips and static electricity. You’ll experience more airborne irritants like dust because it’s the humidity in the air that actually helps these stick to flat surfaces where you can clean them up more easily. Air humidifiers will help you add necessary moisture to the air for better comfort if you’re living in dry conditions.

Ventilate Your Home to Battle Stale Air

Many homeowners are focused on sealing up their homes for energy efficiency. While this is necessary, it also means you can have problems with air quality if you can’t occasionally leave windows and doors open. A home that’s well-sealed against leaks will trap the same stale air inside, recirculating it continuously. You can solve this issue with home ventilators. These installations will systematically remove stale air from the house and pull in fresh, clean air. We’ll help you learn more about how a ventilation system might fit in your home.

Indoor air quality is an important consideration for your home and business. Start with indoor air quality testing, then let Regan & Son’s experts help you determine which installations and services are the best choice for your air quality needs in Roxboro, Timberlake, Hurdle Mills, Hillsborough and Durham, North Carolina.

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