Heat pumps provide air conditioning and heating during hot and cold months Roxboro, NC. They won’t produce loud or unusual sounds unless they’re faulty. Here are some heat pump sounds that call for the attention of a service technician:

Humming Noise

Since heat pumps use electricity to run, it’s normal to hear some soft humming noises. If the humming noises are annoying or coming from the inside, they could signify an electrical problem. A humming noise could also indicate a broken fan motor or faulty part that requires an expert to fix it.

Metallic Clanging Noise

Metallic clanging noises can only originate from the heat pump’s fan. It’s best to shut off the power source if you hear the sound of metallic clanging, which could result from loose fasteners or parts. Continuing to operate the heat pump could worsen the underlying problems, so it’s best to hire an expert for inspection and heat pump repair.

Gurgling or Grinding Noise

Heat pumps transfer heat via refrigerant lines and the levels reduce over time, causing your heat pump to produce grinding or gurgling sounds. It’s advisable to contact a professional to top off the refrigerant levels to avoid damaging your heat pump. A grinding heat pump noise can also originate from dirty and un-lubricated parts that can affect the unit’s motor, so switch it off to stop additional damage.

Clicking Noise

A heat pump clicks after turning it on. If the unit makes a clicking noise during a complete heating or cooling cycle, it’s a sign that the heat pump is faulty. The chances are that the heat pump’s capacitor, which turns on the motor, could be defective and it’s best to hire a professional for repairs.

Heat pump sounds can be annoying, and the underlying problems can also be frustrating. You should prioritize repairing your heat pump as soon as you notice any unusual noises. Contact Regan & Son Heating & Air for speedy and friendly HVAC services.

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