For the fourth month in a row, your utility bills have continued to skyrocket. To add to your problems, you can’t seem to get comfortable in your Roxboro, North Carolina, home. These two issues may be related, and they may have the same solution: professional HVAC maintenance. If you’re noticing these symptoms of HVAC problems, professional maintenance can restore efficiency and comfort to your living space:

Abnormal Sounds and Smells

If you come home to a loud, constant banging and a weird burning smell, your HVAC system likely needs maintenance. Abnormal sounds and smells coming from your HVAC system usually point to faulty or broken parts. A loud whine could indicate a worn belt, while a burning smell could lead you to an overheating component. Whatever the cause, professional maintenance can solve the problems causing these sounds and smells before they lead to more costly damages.

Less Comfort

Your HVAC system may also need maintaining if you notice that your unit isn’t capable of regulating comfort in your home. If you no longer feel comfortable despite your thermostat setting remaining the same, your system may be struggling to run efficiently. Whether because of a faulty component or too much strain, professional maintenance can guarantee that your system can handle your home’s heating and cooling load.

Higher Utility Costs

Many factors contribute to utility costs. But your bills may be spiking in part because of a lack of professional HVAC maintenance. Without regular care, the daily strain of running your HVAC unit will eventually wear on the system, reducing its lifespan and energy efficiency. That lower efficiency will then increase the energy your system draws, and the cost of your utility bills will soon follow. Regular professional maintenance can ensure that HVAC wear never reaches the point where it’s significantly increasing your utility costs.

Thanks to a professional maintenance service, your HVAC system can provide reliable comfort while also reducing your utility costs. To schedule a maintenance service, call Regan & Son Heating & Air today.

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