If you’re a homeowner in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina, you want the maximum energy efficiency from your house. As a result, you’ll save on utility bills. While professional help is always a good thing, here are a few things you can do on your own to preserve your home’s thermal envelope.

What’s a Thermal Envelope?

The thermal envelope is what separates indoor and outdoor air. The term also applies to the separation of the air in the different rooms of your home. The thermal envelope includes walls, floors, insulation, windows, and internal and external doors.

Why’s the Thermal Envelope Important?

When you have a breach in your home’s envelope, conditioned air leaks outside and outdoor air finds its way inside. As a result, you may see a drop in your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your HVAC system. Over time, the extra workload on the unit reduces its useful life.

How Can You Preserve Your Home’s Thermal Envelope?

Here are a few things you can do to keep your home’s envelope intact:

  • Sealing your attic may be the most effective way to preserve the thermal envelope. Air enters the attic through the smallest of gaps, as evidenced by dust around pipes, outlets and other openings. Blanket insulation on the floor can help, as can spraying foam into smaller spaces.
  • Seal your windows, including skylights. Over the years, the caulk around your windows can develop cracks. Adding fresh sealer on top of the old and weatherstripping may fix the problem. If not, you may have to remove the old caulk and replace it.
  • Seal your doors. Over time, space can open up between your doors and their frames, allowing air, dirt, dust and other particles to enter. Weatherstripping is the easiest way to fix it.

A professional energy audit can help you identify and correct any break in your home’s envelope. Call us at 336-542-5188 to schedule an evaluation for your home. The professionals at Regan & Son Heating & Air know how to help you get the most efficient home possible.

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