The 3 Most Frequent Commercial HVAC Repairs

When temperatures reach extreme levels in Roxboro, North Carolina, you can’t afford to have a malfunctioning commercial HVAC system. While some HVAC problems are easily fixable, others require professional repair. Read on to learn about the three most common commercial HVAC repairs.

Inadequate Cooling or Heating

If your commercial HVAC system can’t provide adequate cooling or heating, it may be because of a variety of issues. Tampered thermostat settings or a dirty air filter are problems you can fix yourself. However, if the culprit is a leaky duct system, faulty motor, frozen coils or refrigerant leakage, call in an HVAC technician. Running your air conditioner without proper repairs can result in higher energy costs or a system breakdown.

Temperature Imbalance

Conditioned air flows through the ductwork to reach different parts of your office or building. Based on your thermostat’s temperature settings, dampers regulate the temperature in your indoor space by restricting or increasing airflow in specific duct lines. Correctly balancing the dampers is important; otherwise, parts of your office or building may cool or heat faster than others, resulting in temperature imbalance. Uneven temperatures can also result from leaky ducts. Bad dampers and leaky ducts are problems that require professional attention.

Unusual Sounds

If your HVAC system is making unusual sounds, it may need repair. Hissing sounds may be a sign of a refrigerant leak, while squeaking sounds may be the result of a worn fan belt. Also, an out-of-place fan or damaged blade can cause clanking sounds. When you hear strange sounds coming out of your commercial air conditioner, hire an HVAC technician to detect and fix the issue as soon as possible.

If your commercial HVAC system is experiencing problems, you won’t be able to provide a comfortable environment for your employees, customers or tenants. This can have a negative impact on your bottom line. If you’re looking for high-quality HVAC repair services, contact Regan & Son HVAC, Plumbing & Electric at 336-542-5188.

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