Live in an Older Home? Watch for These HVAC Issues

While there are tons of charming houses around Timberlake, NC, buying an older home comes with some problems. Many of those problems relate to the outdated HVAC systems they often have. Whether you’re looking for an older home or already own one, keep in mind some of the HVAC issues you might come across.

Outdated Thermostat

An outdated thermostat will usually let you do a few things such as turn the air conditioner and heater on and off. Modern thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature by a single degree at a time, schedule changes, set up zones and use more efficient options that cut down on your energy bills.

Bad Indoor Air Quality

Old HVAC systems can also contribute to poor indoor air quality, which might make it harder for you to breathe. Bad indoor air quality can even have a negative effect on those who have asthma and similar conditions. Not only can a modern system improve your indoor air quality, but it lets you add other IAQ products such as air purifiers.

Leaking Ducts

Another risk is that your system has leaking ducts that allow air to escape before it reaches your home. Sealing the ducts can help, but you may need to replace some or all of the home’s ductwork.

No Zoning

HVAC zoning adds dampers to your ducts that change the direction of airflow. This allows you to send conditioned air to specific rooms or areas. Many older homes don’t include this feature, which results in the air going to places where you don’t need it.

Replace an Old HVAC System

Regan & Son Heating & Air can help anyone in the Timberlake, NC, area replace an outdated HVAC system with a modern design. Whether you have problems with an old thermostat, bad air quality, leaking ducts or a lack of zoning, turn to us. Call to schedule our HVAC services today.

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