Are uneven temperatures threatening the comfort of your Roxboro, North Carolina home? Many homeowners living with uneven heating and cooling assume it’s because of the age of their HVAC system. The truth is uneven temperatures can be caused by many problems that an HVAC service technician can easily address and rectify. Some of the causes that may be the culprit behind your uneven temperatures include:

Leaky or Damaged Ductwork

When your ductwork becomes damaged, it can cause the air to leak out of the system before it reaches your rooms. This reduces the airflow you need to maintain the appropriate temperature. That means less heated and cooled air for rooms that are farther away from the system. As a result, it leads to rooms that are consistently different temperatures from the rest of the house.

Poorly Insulated Areas

Insulation helps your walls and ceiling to keep your heated and cooled air contained in your home. It also can prevent leaks and escaping air from your ductwork. Insulation is crucial to help your home retain its temperature. Over time, insulation can become worn or damaged in certain areas. As a result, these areas and rooms experience more inconsistent temperatures.

A Poorly Maintained HVAC System

Regular maintenance on your HVAC system helps it to run more efficiently. It also ensures that it maintains proper airflow throughout your home. Problems with airflow can lead to fluctuation of temperatures between rooms. During your maintenance visits, your HVAC service technician will check the airflow, replace your filter and clean all of the system’s components so that it can work to its best ability.

Whether your uneven temperatures are a result of poor insulation, damaged ductwork or a lack of HVAC maintenance, determining the problem can help provide you with a more consistent temperature throughout your home. Need to address temperature fluctuations in your home? Contact the HVAC specialists at Regan & Son Heating & Air at 336-542-5188 today to schedule your maintenance or repair visit.

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