There are many reasons your air conditioner may struggle to keep your house cool in the summer. An overheating AC system is one such cause. Here’s a quick summary of common issues that cause your AC system in Timberlake, NC, to keep overheating:

Loose Electrical Connection

Loose electrical connections allow for more resistance in the circuit. As a result, it increases the power usage of your AC system and causes overheating. Also, if there’s a loose connection in your circuit, it’ll cause the compressor to run continuously, leading to overheating.

Lack of Regular AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance can help prevent problems with the compressor and condenser, which are essential for the functioning of your air conditioner. Your AC system comprises complex machinery, and you need to maintain it to keep it running efficiently. If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance, your AC system could start overheating.

Not Enough Air Conditioner Refrigerant

When there’s too much heat in your air conditioning system, the compressor can’t work efficiently. As a result, it won’t produce enough cold air. The condenser fan will continue to run, but it won’t be able to pull in as much cold air from outside because no coolant is circulating through it. This causes your AC unit to work harder and could force you to schedule repairs and replacements.

Clogged Air Conditioner Filter

You need to change the air filter in your AC system as often as monthly depending on how much dust and dirt it collects. If you don’t change your filter regularly, debris will clog it, making your AC system work harder to push air through it and resulting in overheating. If your air conditioner overheats and you experience low indoor air quality in Timberlake, NC, contact Regan & Son Heating & Air for help.

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