Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats keep you and your family comfortable at home while saving you money. A smart thermostat has advanced algorithms, sensors and other features that automate cooling and heating for your convenience. Here are four reasons you should consider a smart thermostat for your home in Hurdle Mills, NC:

It Saves Energy

Running the air conditioner or furnace only when needed helps homeowners save energy and money. You don’t need to manually adjust the temperatures since smart thermostats can automatically set heating and cooling patterns to help you conserve energy.

The device also has programmable features, but it doesn’t need pre-scheduling to conserve energy when heating or cooling the home. This is the main difference between smart and programmable thermostats.

Its Sensors Detect Motion

A smart thermostat’s sensors detect movements around your home and schedule the system appropriately. This feature allows the smart thermostat to detect when you’re not home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

You Can Control It Remotely

You can easily synchronize your smart thermostat with your smartphone. Doing so gives you remote control of your device. As a result, you don’t need to be home to control the temperature. For your convenience, you can do this from work or while on vacation using your thermostat’s smartphone application.

Smart thermostats also allow you to control the heating or cooling schedule and get alerts about changes in your home’s temperature from your mobile device. This information lets you know how your HVAC system is functioning even while you’re away.

It Integrates Easily With Other Devices

A smart thermostat allows seamless integration with other devices at home like voice-operated systems. Recent models are even compatible with humidifiers and purifiers.

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