Do you share your Timberlake, North Carolina, home with pets? If so, you likely love their company but not the hair and dander that they leave behind. Pet dander can not only lead to a messier home. It can also wreak havoc on your indoor air quality. For families who want to enjoy their furry friends while reducing the amount of dander in their home, follow these four tips:

Follow a Bathing and Grooming Schedule

A clean and well-groomed pet will have less dander and loose hair to shed around the home. Make sure that you bathe your pet once a week and out of the home if possible. You should also brush your pet every other day in a designated area where you can contain the mess.

Make Vacuuming a Part of Your Daily Routine

You should vacuum your home as frequently as possible. Make sure to get all areas of your floors and furniture, including corners. If there are specific areas where your pet hangs out or sleeps, give this space extra attention. As a result, you’ll take a significant step to contain hair and dander.

Change Your HVAC Air Filter Often

While most filter changes occur once a month, when you have pets, consider changing them more frequently or at least checking them for early clogging. You may also want to buy a filter that boasts a higher MERV rating so that it can better catch dander particles and remove them from your air supply.

Keep Your System Well-Maintained

Regular maintenance is also crucial when it comes to reducing pet dander in your home. When you schedule regular HVAC maintenance, your service technician will make sure that all of your components are clean. They will also check airflow to ensure that you have proper air circulation through your home.

Don’t wait for pet dander to become a problem. Contact us at 336-542-5188. Regan & Son Heating & Air will get your system cleaned and serviced so that it works optimally.

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