Schedule HVAC System Maintenance Every Spring in Hurdle Mills, NC

In Hurdle Mills, NC, summer temperatures can easily soar into the upper 80s with high humidity. That’s when most people prioritize cooling their homes. Before the warmer season arrives, it’s a good idea to seek early spring HVAC system maintenance every year to enhance your summer comfort and take care of any necessary repairs.

Beat the Rush

On a hot day, no one wants to go for one minute without home cooling. Did you know that summer is the busiest time for HVAC professionals? An HVAC system can break down in the summer when you’re using it constantly for cool air. Therefore, it’s a good idea to schedule maintenance in spring to catch any issues early.

If you schedule spring maintenance, your HVAC professional will manage things like the refrigerant levels, the air filter and the lubricant levels inside of your system. This is a proactive way of ensuring that your system continues to work well throughout the hotter months. When you schedule maintenance in spring, you can avoid the long waiting lists for service in summer.

Catch Any Problems Early

Over a typical winter while your cooling system is idle, a multitude of environmental factors can cause issues with your HVAC system. Most maintenance plans entail cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils, replacing air filters and cleaning the condensate pumps. If there are additional components that need servicing, your service technician can take care of them.

Improve Efficiency

Blocked and cluttered HVAC systems tend to be far less efficient and will cause a sizeable increase in energy bills. Trained, dedicated HVAC professionals will clean and replace air filters so that the system doesn’t have to work as hard to push air into your home. Additionally, maintenance service technicians can install upgraded air filters to increase your home’s indoor air quality.

You need to schedule regular HVAC maintenance sessions so that you can have a consistent and well-functioning system throughout the year. Contact Regan & Son Heating & Air to schedule spring maintenance services today. We’ll send one of our specialized HVAC service technicians out to inspect and service your system.

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