A heat pump comes in handy in regulating your home’s temperature. However, you may notice its efficiency has reduced, and the unit requires frequent and costly repairs. Here’s how to tell your Roxboro, NC, home needs a new heat pump installation:

System Doesn’t Stop Running

Your heat pump runs in cycles when operating normally. It only turns on when your thermostat prompts it and turns off after achieving the temperature on your thermostat. If your unit doesn’t turn off and is struggling to reach the temperature on your thermostat, there’s a problem.

Several reasons can cause your unit to fail to shut down. Firstly, you could be using an undersized heat pump, meaning it requires more time to regulate your home’s temperature. Secondly, your unit could be failing to communicate with your thermostat.

Energy Bill Starts Skyrocketing

Typically, your heat pump uses more energy in summer and winter. The extreme temperatures in these seasons cause your heat pump to work extra hard to reach your preferred temperature levels. If your energy bill is high in the spring when the temperatures are cooler compared to summer, there’s a problem with your heat pump.

Strange Noises From Your System

Your unit makes sounds when a cycle starts or ends, which is normal. If your pump functions optimally, you shouldn’t hear any sounds between cycles.

You might notice sharp squealing, banging and grinding noises from your unit. If these sounds persist even after frequent repairs, it’s time to replace your heat pump.

You should consider calling a professional service technician to inspect your system if you detect anything unusual. The professional will then advise whether to replace your system based on the findings.

Feel free to contact our professional service technicians at Reagan & Son Heating & Air for top-notch HVAC maintenance services year-round. We will be glad to offer our HVAC services to your home and family.

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