5 Symptoms of an Inefficient AC System in Durham, NC

An efficient air conditioning system is crucial in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment while keeping energy costs in check. However, an inefficient AC system can lead to various issues, including poor cooling performance and increased energy consumption. Here are five common symptoms of an inefficient AC system in Durham, NC:

Insufficient Cooling

You might notice your air conditioner is struggling to cool your space or there are temperature inconsistencies throughout the room; this could indicate an underlying problem. Inefficient airflow, a malfunctioning compressor or dirty air filters are common reasons behind insufficient cooling.

Noisy Operation

While some level of noise is okay from an air conditioner, excessively loud or unusual noises can indicate inefficiency. Rattling, grinding or squealing sounds may indicate worn-out components, loose parts or a failing motor. These issues reduce the system’s efficiency and cause disturbance throughout the house.

Poor Air Quality

An increase in dust, pollen or other allergens in your home may be due to a poorly functioning AC system. Inefficient filtration, dirty ductwork or a clogged air filter can allow pollutants to circulate, compromising the air quality and potentially causing respiratory problems. Scheduling regular maintenance takes care of this by changing filters regularly.

Frequent Cycling

AC systems cycle on and off periodically to maintain a consistent temperature. However, if your air conditioner frequently cycles on and off within short intervals, this indicates an inefficient system. This rapid cycling results from an oversized AC system, incorrect thermostat settings or a malfunctioning component. A certified professional has the necessary skills to check and repair any issues with your AC system.

Increased Energy Bills

An inefficient AC system consumes more energy than necessary to cool your home. Causes include improper insulation, refrigerant leaks or a malfunctioning thermostat. With time, insulation wears out, causing loss of cool air in the vents. Also, low refrigerant levels will cause a strain that might lead to your air conditioner breaking down.

Timely repairs and professional maintenance can help restore the AC system’s performance, ensuring a comfortable and clean indoor environment. Contact Regan & Son Heating & Air to repair your AC system today.

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