Your HVAC system is a significant component of your Roxboro, NC, home. If you’re like most people, you often believe that the system only works to regulate indoor temperature, which is untrue. The ‘V’ in HVAC system represents ventilation. It’s a crucial component for maximizing the comfort in your home. Read on to learn more.

What’s Ventilation?

Although the ventilation system often goes unnoticed, it plays a crucial role in promoting healthy indoor air quality. Generally, ventilation refers to the exchange of fresh air between the outdoor area and your indoor space. You can achieve proper ventilation in your home either naturally or through mechanical ventilators.

To achieve it naturally, you need to open your windows or allow fresh air to seep into your living area through cracks in the building. However, mechanical ventilation refers to the reliance on air ducts and air filters to improve indoor air quality.

Important for Moisture Control

Excess moisture from cooking, taking hot showers and using hot water equipment builds up in your home. This moisture is dangerous because it leads to bacterial growth, which is hazardous for your health and causes damage to furniture.

Some of the health side effects of moisture buildup include fevers, headaches and the onset of respiratory problems. Proper ventilation through opening doors and windows allows unrestricted airflow, which is crucial to eliminating moisture.

Controls the Amount of Fresh Air

Inadequate fresh air forms a good breeding ground for contaminants such as dust and dander. These pollutants cause stuffiness and undesirable odors. Mechanical or natural ventilation is important because it prevents the buildup of these pollutants by supplying adequate fresh air, which is essential for maintaining family comfort.

How to Ventilate Your Home

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of ventilation mechanisms: natural and mechanical. Natural, fresh air flows in through open windows and doors or cracks in buildings. However, in modern residential and commercial buildings, there are no cracks to ensure energy efficiency. Therefore, modern buildings rely on mechanical ventilation, which comprises using equipment such as exhaust fans, air filters or air ducts.

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