Why Does the Breaker Trip When My Heat Pump Runs?

The heat pump in your Timberlake, NC, home requires a lot of power. However, it shouldn’t trip the breaker every time it comes on. If you notice your heat pump constantly tripping its breaker, one or more of these issues are probably to blame:

Dirty Outside Unit

Dirt and debris build up in your outdoor unit over time. If too much dirt and debris accumulate, your unit must work harder to regulate the temperature in your home. As a result, the heat pump uses more power to try to run, often resulting in a tripped breaker.

Clogged Air Filter

In the same way that debris on the outdoor unit causes the system to work harder, a clogged air filter can make the system use more power. When the system pulls too much power and overloads the circuit, the breaker will trip to prevent an electrical fire.

Filthy Condenser Coil

Like the filter and the outdoor unit, the condenser coil will malfunction when it’s dirty. The condenser coil won’t adequately gather or release heat to warm or cool your home. Your heat pump will use more power to make up for this shortfall, and this can result in tripping your breaker.

Faulty Wiring

If a service technician inspects your heat pump and all is well and the breaker functions properly, faulty wiring may be the reason. You will need a service technician to rewire your heat pump so it can run without mishaps.

Compressor Is Going Bad

As your compressor ages, it breaks down. One common problem seen in older compressors is that they will pull in more current than is necessary to start, and this can trip your circuit breaker.

If you find that your heat pump trips the circuit breaker each time you run it, shut it off immediately and contact a professional HVAC contractor. Call Regan & Son Heating & Air today to ask about our repair and other HVAC services.

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