Your ductless air conditioner helps keep your entire home comfortable as the heat rises in Roxboro, NC. But it’s nerve racking when it isn’t working properly. Here are some reasons your ductless AC system stopped cooling your home:

Dirty Air Filter

Like a traditional central air unit, your ductless AC system has air filters to keep airborne contaminants out. When these filters develop clogs, they don’t allow enough air to circulate through the system, reducing the cooling efficiency.

For ductless systems, your filter needs attention more often than with a traditional system. Plan to clean your filter every two to four weeks, depending on your air quality. You should replace a damaged filter with a new one as soon as you discover the damage.

Low Refrigerant

Just like a traditional air conditioner, your ductless AC system must have the right amount of refrigerant. However, if it’s blowing warm air, it may be because of a leak and low refrigerant. Not only do these faults affect cooling, but they also could damage your system and create the need for ductless repairs.

Dirty Coils

You have coils in both your indoor air handler and your outdoor unit. Dirty coils restrict airflow, inhibiting cooling efficiency. Cleaning your coils is part of what a service technician does during routine professional maintenance.

Clogged Drain Line

Your ductless system will generate condensate while it runs. Condensate is the moisture that forms from air cooling on your indoor coil.

Your system has a drain line to help prevent this condensate from running out and ruining your floor or wall. However, a clogged line causes the entire system to shut down for safety. In order to keep your system running, a professional should clean your line during routine maintenance.

Your need regular maintenance to keep your ductless air conditioner cooling when the heat and humidity peak. Call today to sign up for a maintenance plan with Regan & Son Heating & Air.

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