When a furnace begins to leak water, the equipment may need maintenance or repair. However, in some cases, a furnace could also leak when one of its components needs a replacement. If you ever discover a puddle underneath or around your furnace in Hurdle Mills, NC, the first step is to identify the source of the problem.

Vapor Leak

As steam blasts out of a furnace, it creates a vapor or a mist that forms moisture. This occurs when a furnace heats up while heat moves through a network of pipes. If your equipment has a vapor leak, moisture will form consistently around the drain on the floor.

High volumes of water can escape from a heating system if one of its pipes breaks or clogs. Whenever you discover a vapor-related leak, address the problem immediately. If you delay maintenance or repairs, the moisture could cause water damage.

Humidity Leak

Service technicians connect humidifiers to furnaces to boost the moisture levels in the air. As such, your heating system could also leak water if it has a broken or clogged humidifier.

Plumbing Problem

Some leaks that generate around a furnace occur from outside sources, such as the pipes in a plumbing system. These leaks can cause severe damage underneath a furnace if water backs up within a home’s drainage system.

A Filter Clog

A clogged or dirty air filter can restrict airflow. Without proper airflow, ice will generate on a furnace’s coils. Once the ice melts, it’ll create a puddle on the floor. You can easily prevent this particular problem by following a strict filter maintenance schedule.

If you have a leak that won’t stop, contact Regan & Son Heating & Air today to set up an appointment for our furnace repair service. We service oil furnaces and gas furnaces, and we always arrive equipped with general replacement parts for the latest heating systems.

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